Marketing Manager

Marketing managers research and identify markets for a company’s product or service and develop and implement marketing techniques and strategies.They perform marketing research and analyze their findings to distinguish potential customers to help maximize the company’s product or service profitability, market share and customer satisfaction.

Marketing managers evaluate marketing strategies and create and coordinate marketing campaigns and promotional activities that market the company’s product or service. They also estimate market demand and develop pricing strategies accordingly.

Marketing managers need to have a high level of creativity, good attention to detail, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and good organization skills. They should also have exceptional management skills, strong interpersonal, collaboration and leadership skills and be flexible in working with changing markets and company needs. They must also have strong computer skills as they utilize a variety of software and hardware to create media campaigns and printed products as well as applying project management program software.

Marketing managers may be required to travel extensively to promote their product or services or meet with stakeholders, clients and other related groups.

Virtually all companies with a minimum of 15 employees typically have a marketing position to research and promote a market for the company’s product or service.

For this job, a four-year degree in marketing, business, public relations, advertising, journalism or a related field is required.

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